North Park Cabinet Knob

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The North Park Knob offers simple style with excellent quality. Each knob is forged from solid brass and beautifully finished. Recommended pairings: Millenium Cup Pull, Manhattan Pull, Royale Pull.

The following finishes are considered living finishes. They are designed to gracefully age with time and use, growing in character as they do. Typically these finishes will lighten where frequently touched and darken where not.

  • Antique English
  • Antique English Matte
  • Barcelona
  • Bronze
  • Polished Antique
  • Unlacquered Brass


  • Hand tighten with a screwdriver. Power tools may strip the screws.
  • Clean only with mild dish soap diluted in warm water. Cleaning chemicals may damage the finish.
  • Returns of this product may be subject to a manufacturer restocking fee.

Material Brass

3/4" Size

Diameter: 3/4"
Projection: 3/4"
Base Diameter: 7/16"
7/8" Size
Diameter: 7/8"
Projection: 7/8"
Base Diameter: 7/8"
1-1/4" Size
Diameter: 1-1/4"
Projection: 1-1/4"
Base Diameter: 1-1/8"
1-1/2" Size Diameter: 1-1/2"
Projection: 1-1/2"
Base Diameter: 7/8"
1-3/4" Size Diameter: 1-3/4"
Projection: 1-1/2"
Base Diameter: 1"
Warranty Limited lifetime (living finishes excluded)
Mounting Hardware Included Yes
Finishes & Care

Clean with a soft, non-abrasive cloth dampened with warm water. Mild diluted dish soap may be used if needed. Dry thoroughly. Do not use cleaning chemicals or disinfectants as they may damage the finish.

Unlacquered Brass is designed to elegantly change color with time and use, gaining character as it does. The shift in color and the time it takes to change will vary by the hardware's use and environment. It should be expected to darken and dull, often browning and possibly taking on tints of red or green. Unlacquered Brass can be polished back to like-new condition with metal polish.



Cabinet Hardware and Bath Accessories purchased from an authorized Alno, Inc. dealer on and after August 1, 2013 shall have a limited lifetime warranty. The limited lifetime warranty extends for the lifetime of the original residential purchaser at the original location in which the cabinet hardware and bath accessories were installed. The limited lifetime warranty automatically expires at such time as the original purchaser sells or otherwise transfers, or has no force and effect if the original residential purchaser has already sold or otherwise transferred, the property, at which the cabinet hardware and/or bath accessories were installed or at such time as the cabinet hardware or bath accessories have been removed from the location in which these items were originally installed.


The following are excluded from any and all warranties provided herein:
(i) “Living Finishes” consisting of Unlacquered Brass, Bronze, Barcelona, and Chocolate Bronze;

(ii) Any products that have been improperly cleaned, exposed to corrosive air, hard water, outdoor use, and /or a natural disaster;

(iii) The crystal portions of any product; and,

(iv) Any additional expenses, including, but not limited to, shipping costs, labor costs and damages. The warranty applies to the product only.


To make a limited lifetime claim:

1) Contact your authorized Alno, Inc. dealer and provide your proof of purchase.

2) Allow Alno, Inc. to inspect your product.

3) Upon inspection Alno, Inc. will determine if the product is defective and is within the warranties provided herein. Upon such determination Alno, Inc. will repair or replace the product with a like or similar item.

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