Hi there

My name is Coconut!

I am the store greeter here at San Diego Hardware. I am a six year old Samoyed girl. You can usually find me upstairs, Tuesday - Saturday.

My spotlight on the news


Do you shed?

I shed seasonally, typically before summer. During the rest of the year I don't shed very much, but when I am shedding, I leave a big trail of fluff everywhere I go! Once I'm done, I look about half the size and am ready for the summer sun!

Do you get hot with so much fur?

Nope! My fur acts as insulation from both the heat and cold! My white fur also reflects the sun to keep me cool.

What tricks do you know?

I will exchange tricks for treats! I can...

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Shake
  • High-five
  • Kiss
  • Nose bump
  • Speak
  • Sit Pretty
  • Spin
  • Dance
  • Circle
Where do you like to be scratched?

Everywhere! My favorite is my chest though. If you scratch me there, I may put a paw on your arm to make sure you don't move!

How much do you weigh?

Well that's a bit rude to ask a lady! I weigh 45lbs. My fluff makes me look bigger than I am.

Why won't you go downstairs?

My job here is to look after the second floor. I only go downstairs when I'm off the clock for breaks.

Do you live at the store?

Nope! I go home with my two-legged parents every night.

Fun Facts About My Breed

Samoyeds (or Sammies for short) are one of the most ancient dog breeds, with my Siberian ancestors dating back over 2,000 years. In that time, my breed has performed many important jobs such as herding reindeer, leading sled expeditions in Antarctica, and keeping children warm at night.

My big smile helps to keep drool from falling out the sides of my mouth and turning into icicles when it's cold.

My soft, wooly fur can be knit into scarves, sweaters, and more!

No B.O. for me! Samoyeds don't have doggy odor.


Squeaky toys (the louder the better)
The beach
Other dogs
Car rides
Ice Cream
Sleeping belly up


Being home alone

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