Avalon Bay Checkered Knob

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By Schaub


The Avalon Bay Knob features luxurious inlays arranged in a charming checkered pattern. Install them on cabinetry or furniture for a custom appearance.

  • Hand tighten with a screwdriver. Power tools may strip the screws.
  • Returns of this product may incur manufacturer restocking fees.

Material Brass


Width 1-3/8"
Projection 1-1/8"
Base Diameter 3/4"
Mounting Hardware Included Yes
Finishes & Care

Clean with a soft, non-abrasive cloth dampened with warm water. Mild diluted dish soap may be used if needed. Dry thoroughly. Do not use cleaning chemicals as they may damage the finish.


Limited Warranty: The buyer’s sole and exclusive remedy against seller will be limited to buyer’s purchase price or replacement of non-conforming product. In no event will seller be liable to buyer for any special or consequential damages.

SKU: V791-658-R/PB