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Buster Black and Purple Dog Leash

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Metal Finish


Constructed from black buffalo leather and meticulously embossed with the signature B+P pattern, this premium dog leash is further elevated by solid steel detailing and a solid steel carabiner fastener. Within the handle, super-soft purple cow leather is incorporated to ensure a comfy walk each time. Designed to match the Buster + Punch dog collar which can be found under recommended pairings. 

Leash Sizes:

Slim - 0.6" Width x  39.4" Length (Matches Size X-Small and Small Buster Collars)

Suitable For: Chihuahuas / Miniature Dachshunds / Puppies / Cavaliers / Jack Russells / Small Terriers / Small French Bulldog / Pug / Cocker Spaniels / Tibetan Terriers / Cockapoos / Shelties

Wide - 1" Width x 39.4" Length (Matches Size Medium, Large, and X-Large Buster Collars)

Suitable For: Springer Spaniels / Vizslas / Dalmatians / Labrador / Boxers / Border Collies / Golden Retrievers / Mastiffs / Great Danes / Rottweilers / Large Labradoodles

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