Buster + Punch

Buster + Punch

What You'll love...

  • Distinct design aesthetic with industrial detailing.
  • Premium materials and finishing.
  • Versatile product range including cabinet hardware, door hardware, light fixtures, and furniture.
  • Meticulous attention to detail.
  • Customization options: Mix and match parts and finishes.

Buster + Punch emerged onto the design scene with a bold fusion of rugged industrial aesthetics and refined craftsmanship. Founded in London by architect and designer Massimo Buster Minale, the brand has become synonymous with innovative lighting, hardware, and interior products that exude an edgy elegance. With a commitment to quality materials and meticulous attention to detail, Buster + Punch celebrates the raw beauty of metalwork, leather, and other unconventional materials, transforming them into statement pieces that seamlessly blend form and function.

Drawing inspiration from the gritty urban landscapes of London's East End, Buster + Punch infuses each creation with a rebellious spirit and a sense of adventure. From their distinctive machined brass light fixtures to their sleek door hardware and furniture collections, the brand's designs embody a distinctive blend of craftsmanship and contemporary design sensibility. With a growing global presence and a dedication to pushing the boundaries of conventional design, Buster + Punch continues to captivate discerning audiences seeking to elevate their spaces with a touch of daring sophistication.

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