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Cabinet hardware is an important finishing detail. It can have a large impact on the overall aesthetic of your space and it will be touched daily. In turn, high end cabinet hardware can be a worthwhile upgrade. Premium hardware often boasts better materials, superior finishing, and domestic manufacturing, to create a product that looks better and lasts longer. However, luxury hardware isn't always in the budget. Luckily, there are many options that offer a similar appearance for a lower price. Here we share some of our favorite premium selections and their more affordable counterparts.
Save or Splurge Cabinet Hardware

1A: Square Bar Pull $7.52  //  1B: Rail Pull $54.00  //  2A: Ostia Pull $13.85  //  2B: Urban Loft Pull $60  //  3A: Freestone Pull 3B: Heathrow Pull $34.85  //  4A: Distressed Pull $17.19  //  4B: Solid Bronze Traditional Pull $43.29  //  5A: Northport Square Footed Pull $12.75  //  5B: Bournville Pull $52.08  //  6A: Jasper Pull $16.15  //  6B: Barre Pull $58.00

1A: Square Bar Pull (Save)

Square Bar Pull

One of today's most popular designs, the Square Bar Pull is a flattering choice for shaker and slab cabinetry. While many manufacturers make this style, this one features a lifetime warranty and wide selection of on-trend finishes.

1B: Rail Pull (Splurge)

Rail Pull

Rail Pulls

Rail Pulls

The Rail Pull elevates the standard square bar pull to new heights. While squared from the front. the interior side features a thoughtful curved back for a comfortable hold. It also has slightly tapered feet, that give it a custom appearance. From a quality standpoint, the Rail Pull can't be beat. Each pull is hand cast from art-grade bronze in Hailey, Idaho. The finishes are truly exceptional and give your space a luxurious touch. Lastly, the Rail Pull is available in a vast array of sizes and appliance pulls, so each and every cabinet can have perfectly proportioned hardware.

2A. Ostia Pull (Save)

Ostia Pull

The Ostia Pull offers a high end design at a lower price. Its zinc base and outsourced manufacturing makes it more affordable.

2B: Urban Loft Pull (Splurge) 

Urban Loft Pull

The Urban Loft collection is made in New York by skilled artisans. Forged from solid brass and finished by hand, the Urban Loft Pull is like jewelry for cabinetry. They are slightly oversized for a bold impression and ergonomic grip. These high end pulls are available in an extensive amount of finishes, each as beautiful as the next. It is also available in a wood version.

3A: Freestone Pull (Save)

Freestone Pull

Drawing its inspiration from Mid-Century design, the Freestone Pull is a handsome choice for for doors and drawers. It is made from a sturdy zinc alloy and comes in a variety of stylish finishes. 

 3B: Heathrow Pull (Splurge)

Heathrow Pull

Heathrow Pulls

Kitchen by @realitydaydream

Heathrow Pulls

Kitchen by Darling Down South @cynthiahruff

The Heathrow Pull is made from high quality solid brass. It features ultra-crisp edges for a refined appearance. The finish options are all of excellent quality and reflect that of a premium product.

4A: Distressed Pull (Save)

Distressed Pull

The Distressed Pull offers the look of bronze at a more affordable price. It features an old world texture. It is made from a zinc alloy and available in a selection of classic finishes. It is only available in three sizes, so it will not be suitable for kitchens requiring long pulls.

4B: Solid Bronze Traditional Pull (Splurge)

Solid Bronze Traditional Pull

As its name suggests, the Solid Bronze Traditional Pull is made of solid bronze, a true old-world material. It is incredibly durable and able to last decades, even in harsh exterior conditions. Each of the available finishes has a luxurious look. Most are living finishes that will grow in character with time and use. The Solid Bronze Traditional Pull can be ordered in a host of sizes and appliance pulls.

5A: Square Footed Northport Pull (Save)

Northport Square Footed Pull

Northport Pulls
Design by Gowler Homes @gowlerhomes

The Northport Square Footed Pull dons large square feet that help to give cabinetry a custom look. It boasts a selection of elegant finishes that look more expensive than they are. It is also available as an appliance pull, making it am excellent option for kitchens with paneled appliances.

5B: Bournville Pull (Splurge)

Bournville Pull

Manufactured by the near-century old Armac Martin foundry, the Bournville Pull is forged and finished in the heart of England. This solid brass pull offers an extensive selection of premium finishes. It has a larger projection that lends itself to a bold appearance as well as an easy-to-grab grip.

6A: Jasper Pull (Save)

Jasper Pull

The Jasper Pull is a favorite choice for homeowners and designers. Its transitional design flatters a wide variety of cabinetry. It is made from a zinc alloy and available in a number of popular finishes.

6B: Barre Pull (Splurge)

Barre Pull

Made in the USA by Rocky Mountain Hardware, the Barre Pull is a stunning upgrade for cabinetry. It is available in a wide range of sizes and elegant finishes to perfectly suite your space. Each pull boasts a sandcast texture that gives its home an earthy detail.


If you have any questions about cabinet hardware, don't hesitate to reach out to us! We are always happy to help. We also offer a free sample program so you can touch and feel pieces in person before making your purchase.

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