Knobs & Pulls That Give Cabinets a Designer Look

Lately, square and round bar pulls have reigned supreme and for good reason; their sleek, simple designs look great on nearly any cabinetry and they are an excellent way to add function and detail. However, choosing something a bit more unique can greatly elevate your cabinets and give them a custom, designer look. Below, you will find a number of on-trend and stylish options that will instantly give your cabinetry a thoughtful, high-end appearance. Each pick features a distinctly special design to enhance your doors and drawers to the fullest.

Designer Cabinet Hardware

1. Stepped Knob

First on the list is the Stepped Knob. It features a modern cylindric face that has been a long-standing go-to for contemporary hardware. However, its backside boasts a stepped design that adds visual and tactile interest. It also features a solid brass construction for quality you can count on.

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2. Bristol Crystal Knob

The Bristol Crystal Knob features a globe-like shape made from real glass. It beautifully reflects light in a room, adding a bit of splendor and luminosity to your space. This charming knob is a great choice for bathrooms, closets, furniture, and more.

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3. Florham Slant Knob

Right on trend with the resurgence of Post Modern furniture, the Florham Slant Knob offers an eye-catching sculptural shape that is both organic and contemporary. Use it to quickly upgrade your cabinet doors and drawers.

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4. Firenze Knob

Add a touch of luxury to your cabinetry with the Firenze Knob. Featuring an elegant marble center, this designer knob is sure to draw attention. For an even bolder look, there is is a matching T-Bar Knob. The Firenze Knob is available with white or black marble.

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5. Moderne Pull

The Modern Pull features a contemporary flat-faced design with rounded ends. It pairs beautifully with slab and shaker style cabinets. It is available in a wide range of sizes, as well as a matching knob, making it a great choice for kitchens.

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6. Tom Tom Pull

Long and lean, the Tom Tom Pull offers a streamlined modern design that looks particularly elegant on slab style cabinetry. Its continuous base is able to cover old screw holes, offering a good solution for retrofit applications. Its matching knob is equally interesting with its round and chunky shape.

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7. Modo Pull

The Modo Pull boasts a contemporary knurled design perfect for today's industrial-inspired trends. Its high-quality knurling is crisp, precise, and comfortable on the hand. The Modo Pull is available in an array of sizes and hard-to-find finishes including Polished Rose Gold and Gunmetal.

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8. Corsa Pull

The Corsa Pull features a modern pill-shaped design that is inviting to touch. It is also an excellent choice for retrofits, with some of the sizes having multiple hole spacings to accommodate existing holes in the cabinetry. If those don't fit, its integrated backplate can cover old holes, alleviating the hassle of having to do patchwork.

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9. Claros Pull

Made from solid bronze, the Claros Pull delivers high quality and beautiful finishes. It's organic, sandcast texture paired with its contemporary shape, provides a beautiful contrast of old and new. Despite its clean and simple design, the Claros has a unique design that looks stunning on slab and shaker cabinets.

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10. Vogue Pull

Narrower than most pulls, the Vogue Pull is an excellent pick for those looking for a more minimal design. It features a modern, flat back and subtle detailing that separate it from the pack and give cabinetry a designer touch. Although delicate in size, it is made from solid brass for excellent strength and longevity.

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11. Cranford Pull

The Cranford Pull offers a high end appearance at a lower price point. It features refined detailing and a thicker grip that is typically seen on luxury hardware. Its industrial-inspired design makes it a great choice for kitchens. There is also a matching knob that it can be paired with.

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12. Lennox Pull

The Lennox Pull delivers a unique contemporary style that gives cabinets and doors a custom look. Designed with a bowed front and thoughtfully detailed feet, this pull flatters a wide variety of cabinetry and can be used in any space.

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13. Ormonde Pull

The Ormonde Pull blends classic details with a contemporary bar shape. The result is an elegant pull perfect for today's more traditional homes. It is available in a wide range of sizes, as well as appliance pulls, making it a perfect choice for kitchens.

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14. Deco Pull

If you are looking to make a statement, the Deco Pull is a clear choice. Its hollowed out design is graphic and bold and instantly gives cabinetry a high-end, custom look. This captivating pull is sure to draw attention and compliments.

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