San Diego Hardware's Trade-Exclusive Showroom


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the showroom?

The showroom will be located in the same building as our existing showroom, accessible by a separate entrance.

Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes, the showroom will be by appointment only to ensure guests have a private and uninterrupted experience.

Can I bring my clients?

Absolutely! While appointments can only be made by trade members, your clients are welcome to join you in the trade-only showroom - an added perk of them hiring you!

What products can I expect to see there?

The showroom will feature thousands of selections of mid to luxury level cabinet and door hardware.

Are the displays different than those in the main showroom?

Yes, Studio 1892 will feature primarily loose samples, including some products not shown in the main showroom.

Can I borrow samples?

Yes, you can take samples out on loan. If there is a specific piece we don't have on hand, we can order it for you.

Are there other perks?

You bet. Certified interior designers will earn a 5% commission on all sales.



Available exclusively in San Diego through San Diego Hardware