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Cercle Thick Cabinet Pull

$126.00 $140.00
Finish: Polished Natural Bronze
Center to Center


An exploration of weighty geometry, the Cercle Thick Cabinet Pull was formed with deliberate intention and purpose. Its installation introduces a lively and sturdy presence while maintaining a playful and romantic essence. Whether mounted vertically or horizontally, its impact is maximized when used in pairs or multiples which amplify its effect exponentially.

  • Hand tighten with a screwdriver. Power tools may damage the screws or hardware.
  • This product ships from Canada and is final sale. 


Material Bronze
Center to Center 3"
Length 4"
Height 1"
Projection 2"

Finishes & Care

Bronze Maha Alavi products are living finishes, designed to gracefully age with time and use, gaining character as the do.

Painted pieces are finished with a durable and permanent powdercoating.

To clean your hardware, use a soft towel dampened with warm water and mild dish soap. Fully dry your hardware after cleaning. Never use any harsh chemicals to clean your hardware.

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About the Brand

Maha Alavi, a Tokyo-based Canadian industrial designer, blends philosophy and psychology into her creative process. Inspired by global travels, she explores how objects shape cultural identities and human experiences. Influenced by cities like Berlin, Kyoto, and Singapore, where industry seamlessly intertwines with nature, Alavi's work reflects a keen attention to detail and a nuanced understanding of light and seasons.

Alavi's designs, spanning from hardware to furniture, maintain a cohesive sculptural theme. Through hands-on exploration, she uncovers shapes that are both contemporary and timeless, characterized by seamless joinery and fluid forms. Each piece embodies luxury and warmth, meticulously hand-formed and finished to exude sophistication.

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