Maha Alavi

Maha Alavi

What You'll love...

  • Playful forms inspired by travel, geometry, and nature.
  • Heirloom quality pieces crafted from solid bronze.
  • Small batch production.
  • Hand cast and hand finished.
  • Committed to sustainability, utilizing eco-friendly production methods and recycled materials.

Maha Alavi, a Tokyo-based Canadian industrial designer, draws inspiration from her global travels, where she observes the ever-shifting daily rhythms and the profound influence of objects on people and spaces, shaping cultural identities through design. Cities like Berlin, Kyoto, and Singapore serve as significant sources of inspiration, blending industry and nature to cultivate her keen focus on detail, balance, and an appreciation for light and changing seasons.

Maha Alavi's designs, spanning from hardware to furniture, share a cohesive sculptural theme, seamlessly integrating modernity with timeless elegance. Through hands-on exploration, whether experimenting with clay or immersing herself in nature, Alavi discovers shapes that embody both contemporary allure and enduring charm. Each piece is characterized by seamless joinery and intuitive forms, evoking a visual fluidity that exudes luxury and warmth, meticulously hand-formed and finished to embody a sense of sophistication and refinement.

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  • Oval Cabinet Knob
    New arrival

    Oval Cabinet Knob

    $107.10 $119.00
  • Half Cercle Cabinet Knob
    New arrival

    Half Cercle Cabinet Knob

    $45.36 $50.40
  • Cercle Thick Cabinet Pull
    New arrival

    Cercle Thick Cabinet Pull

    $126.00 $140.00
  • Cercle Thin Cabinet Pull
    New arrival

    Cercle Thin Cabinet Pull

    From $60.30 $67.00
  • Cercle Cabinet Knob
    New arrival

    Cercle Cabinet Knob

    From $43.20 $48.00
  • Fauna Towel Bar
    New arrival

    Fauna Towel Bar

    From $289.80 $322.00
  • Fauna Roll Holder
    New arrival

    Fauna Roll Holder

    $236.70 $263.00
  • Fauna Wall Hook
    New arrival

    Fauna Wall Hook

    $153.00 $170.00

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